GLAMGLOW is made of supercharged skincare ingredients. Ever wondered what ingredients go into your favorite GLAMGLOW products? Get to know which ingredients make our formulas work so well (and so fast).  Our Super 6 Acid Blend is used in our best seller SUPERMUD®INSTANT CLEARING TREATMENT MASK. Teaoxi is inside YOUTHMUD® GLOW STIMULATING TREATMENT MASK.  Charcoal is what powers SUPERCLEANSE™ CLEARING CREAM-TO-FOAM CLEANSER. Hylaronic Acid is included in BRIGHTEYES ILLUMINATING ANTI-FATIGUE EYE CREAM. And last but not least, the super star ingredient charcoal is inside our Natural Clay products including INSTAMUD™60-SECOND PORE-REFINING TREATMENT MASK.  Refer a friend, save $10. Free shipping on all orders.